We're a diverse bunch of people united by a passion for building technology that’s as innovative today as it will be reliable tomorrow. Our aim? To enable the world's best commercial insurance experience.  

"I genuinely believe we have the best people in tech and we offer an opportunity to innovate, expand and thrive. Read more about how our teams collaborate below".

Hasani Jess, UK Chief Technology Officer

Most of our applications are built with Ruby and Ruby on Rails, Python, Scala, HAML, SCSS, JavaScript, CoffeeScript and some Go. They sit on top of different databases like MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, Spark and ElasticSearch and testing frameworks like RSpec, Cucumber and Jasmine. Glueing all this together, we rely on RabbitMQ, Puppet and AWS, amongst others.

Read more about our tech stack at our tech blog.

Our teams

“We can expand our technical ability beyond our role. I've learned a lot more than what my role needs and it's been fully supported by the business.” Adam Cox, Software Test Engineer


The engineering team is made up of all kinds of engineers, from apprentices to senior software engineers. 

We work in a set of cross-functional teams on initiatives that support our business operations, including launching new insurance products and developing customer journeys. We iterate quickly, using our tooling and agile development techniques to move at pace.

IT Services and Ops

We make life easier for our developers by creating tools and automation that improve productivity. We make their experience better by helping them focus on developing and delivering new features efficiently.

We’re also the first responders to major incidents, provide service desk support, and make sure that the business’s systems and technology work effectively.

"Ultimately we get to collaborate on new, useful tools that get used in-house and it makes for work that is consistently fun, exciting, and satisfying." Jenah Blitz, Senior Software Engineer

“I love working in TechOps because I get to be part of a team making a huge difference to life at tech.SB, which is hugely rewarding and motivating.” Emma Hurndall, TechOps Marketing and Comms Lead


TechOps supports the careers and training of our tech talent, including making sure that the recruitment of apprentices and nearshore colleagues meets the business’s ongoing demand.

TechOps is the glue between tech and the rest of Simply Business. We make sure that our diverse teams feel connected in a hybrid workplace.

InfoSec (SOC, Security Engineering, Assurance)

The SOC is Simply Business's incident response team. Our role is to detect, analyse, respond to, and prevent cyber security incidents using a combination of people, processes, and technology.

Security engineering builds tools for the SOC, giving them greater visibility of network anomalies and events in a single interface. 

Assurance is responsible for compliance with relevant internal and external information security requirements – we manage risks according to Simply Business's risk tolerance.

“Being part of the InfoSec team is amazing! We have a lot of experience, a wonderful supportive culture, freedom, and encouragement to explore cutting-edge technologies to protect the business.” Jamie LeMercier, Security Engineer

Data & Analytics

We handle the business’s data engineering, prediction and learning, and business intelligence functions.

We use a variety of data science methodologies to perform statistical analysis, experimentation, and machine learning-based process automation. Our teams keep up to date with the latest trends in data science, prototype machine learning models, and plan experiments.

“We’re proud to have developed a class-leading data platform. New team members can make changes in their first week because of our simple, elegant systems.” James Green, Data Engineering Manager

Technical Architecture Owners 

The Technical Architecture Owners (TAO) provides support and guidance on the architectural direction and practises at Simply Business, so that the decisions we make in tech move us towards our shared vision and platform strategy.

We work closely with Staff Engineers as well as the wider tech team, on architectural initiatives that impact our technology and platform.

“I’m doing what I’m passionate about: designing systems that help the business meet its customers’ needs. I get to practice textbook software engineering, as well as coach apprentices and other colleagues and help organise our internal technology conference.” Hemal Varambhia, Staff Engineer

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